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CHIPMAVIN ELECTRONICS is one of the most trusted distribution platforms for electronic components, authorizing the sale of products from more than 300 quality manufacturers, TI, ADI, MAXIM, NXP, ST etc. Our products cover CPU, microcontroller, logic control unit, memory, operational amplifier and driver. Power management, peripheral monitoring circuit, including DSP, ARM, NPU, CPLD, FPGA, FLASH, PCI bus, USB interface and so on. 


CHIPMAVIN ELECTRONICS has its own warehouse in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which contains a lot of real inventory and fast delivery. With senior technical consultants and experienced product sales team, we can quickly meet the needs of product development, design and production in different industries. 


CHIPMAVIN ELECTRONICS is always a customer-centered company, striving to achieve high integration, high quality, excellent price and excellent service in product supply and service, and become the most trusted partner.