BOE's f-OLED LTPO variable frequency display achieves mass production


Recently, BOE (BOE) developed the industry-leading mass-produced LTPO variable frequency display and enabled the successful launch of Honor's annual flagship product Magic 4 series.

It is reported that this series of products adopts a 6.81-inch flexible OLED screen, has a 1Hz-120Hz adaptive seven-frequency dynamic refresh mode, and a 360Hz high touch sampling rate. Arrangement, optimize the underlying logic framework of pixel display, and comprehensively upgrade the display quality.

LTPO is a hybrid backplane technology, that is, low temperature polysilicon and oxide hybrid TFT drive technology. Conventional LTPO technical solutions also have problems such as poor display of dark-state images and low-frequency flickering, and the preparation process of LTPO backplanes is relatively complicated, which has troubled the industry.

BOE's f-OLED LTPO variable frequency display has made important innovations and breakthroughs in a series of technical problems such as improving dark-state display uniformity, reducing low-frequency flicker, enhancing OxideTFT's anti-photosensitivity, improving backplane transmittance, and optimizing LTPO mass production process. .

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