SK Siltron to invest over 1 trillion won to expand Gumi 12-inch fab


In response to the surge in semiconductor demand, SK Siltron will invest more than 1 trillion won to expand its semiconductor wafer production capacity by 2024.

According to etnews, SK Siltron said it will invest 1.49.5 trillion won by 2024 to expand its 12-inch wafer production capacity in the Gumi Tertiary Industrial Park in South Korea. In the first half of this year, basic engineering construction will begin on 42,716 square meters of land, and mass production of 12-inch wafers will begin in the first half of 2024.

Yongho Jang, president of SK Siltron, said, "Wafer investment is a challenging investment that requires accurate forecasting and flexibility to respond to market changes."

In addition, the relevant person in charge of SK Siltron said that SK Siltron will employ more than 1,000 new employees through this expansion, which will create employment opportunities for Gumi.

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