Sirius-Wireless Releases New High-Performance Wi-Fi6 RF IP, Leading in Several Key Indicators


As the "connection" of the Internet of Things, it supports the interconnection of all things, and high-speed wireless connection is the key technology to promote the rapid realization of digital connection of all things.

Sirius-Wireless, a high-speed wireless communication IC design/technology application RF technology company, recently launched a new high-performance Wi-Fi6 RF IP. Jiweiwang learned that this IP product realizes the design of Wi-Fi6 + BLE RF on the complex 1024QAM and MU-MIMO architecture, and has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption, and high reliability. It also integrates high-speed ADC/DAC and RF calibration high-performance automatic calibration functions. In addition, some key performance indicators, such as TX power +21dBm, Continue TX 200mA, RX 13mA, etc., are also leading in China. At the same time, they also have the advantages of small RF IP area and fewer mask layers used in production.

The Internet of Things and intelligent hardware are recognized as the next wave of technology, and now they are standing on the top of hundreds of billions of devices, driving the rapid development of the wireless connection market. Since its launch in mid-2019, WiFi6 has grown more than expected in the wireless connectivity market.

Statistics from the research institute TSR show that in 2020, about 3.3 billion Wi-Fi chips will be shipped worldwide, of which about 400 million will be Wi-Fi 6 chips (mainly including routers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Gartner predicts that WiFi 6 will account for half of WiFi chip shipments in 2024 and become mainstream. Due to the characteristics of high density, high throughput and multiple antennas, WiFi6 also puts forward higher requirements for the RF front-end, and the research and development difficulty also increases significantly.

Founded in October 2018, the Sirius-Wireless team is committed to the R&D and design of RF IP. It has strong and stable hardware independent design and manufacturing capabilities and cost advantages. It can cooperate with CEVA BB/Mac digital composition, and the processor can be selected from ARM or RISC- V's design provides better quality and mass-produced integrated circuit design options, and provides customers with platform-based semiconductor IP licensing services and one-stop chip design services. The team has served hundreds of integrated circuit design companies around the world so far, and the products are widely used in the Internet of Things, smart home, automotive electronics, smart power wearables, medical electronics, industrial control, etc. Its IP design and services cover 40nm, 22nm, and 12nm CMOS processes, and its partners are world-renowned wafer manufacturers including TSMC, SMIC, UMC, GLOBALFOUNDRY, etc.

It is reported that the Sirius-Wireless Wi-Fi6 development board will be available to customers starting in April 2022. Sirius-Wireless said that the provision of this solution can help many domestic IC designers in the wireless communication field of the Internet of Things to overcome the high-tech barriers of high-speed wireless communication, and effectively shorten the engineering development cycle and speed up the time to market.

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